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Welcome to a very familiar city which you might not be acquainted with.

Dreiundzwanzig explores how sound and narration can manipulate an image. Furthermore it experiments with a new approach to television broadcasting.

How is a picture perceived when it is combined with different sound compositions and stories? How do different artists interpret the same pictures?

How can the domain of TV be expanded and how can the viewer’s role be altered from the habitually passive to an active one?

Dreiundzwanzig examines these questions, both through the creative and the viewing process. Initially, a film without a narration and sound composition was created. 3 different composers constructed their own unique sound design to correspond to the images, and 3 writers created a story corresponding to these three different sound versions of the film, producing 3 different interpretations of the same sequence of images, conceived by 6 different artists.

In the original TV broadcast the initial version of Dreiundzwanzig was shown, containing only the original sound of the captured pictures. By capturing a QR code that was displayed on the TV screen with their mobile phones, the audience could access a website that broadcasted the three different versions of the film simultaneously, allowing the viewer to select their preferred sound version, or to switch back and forth between the three.

This can now be experienced through the web interface.

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